Benefits to Start eCommerce Business with Custom Website

When you start an eCommerce business online, you have two options:

  • A pre-designed website that comes with all the basic functionalities, or
  • A customized website that works according to your requirements.

Although the latter sounds interesting, you have to bear in mind that you will need to invest quite a bit in the development of such website. And that can be deterrent to many companies. But before you make any firm decision, you should know what you stand to gain through customized eCommerce websites. Just have a look.

Why to Opt Custom Ecommerce Website

Unique look and feel: Every eCommerce website has unique goals and target audience. With a customized eCommerce design code, you stand a better chance to attract and retain your target audience. You will also get lot of room to personalize the shopping experience of your visitors.

Advanced features: Pre-designed eCommerce websites offer limited number of features because they are mainly designed to please all. They just come with basic features that can be used by any and all types of businesses. However, if you need to stand apart from the crowd, you will need to customize it. There’s no two ways about it. So add features that help you attract your target audience and improve their shopping experience.

Better marketing: Pre-designed eCommerce stores come with basic marketing capabilities, including SEO. However, you can improve the potential of your store with a customized code. For example, you can easily use customized coding to attract a specific set of users. Once you attract your target audience, half of your work is done. Now you just need to do other half work that converts the visitors into paying customers.

Are you thinking to go for a professional custom ecommerce website design? Do you need help in that? Contact Kaushalam for more details and cost. We specialize in developing highly customized eCommerce solutions that satisfy all your needs.

Amazon’s Game Plan For 2014 Holiday Season Marketing

eCommerce merchants are going to mint money this upcoming holiday season with industry experts expecting online sales to reach $82 billion, up 15% from year ago sales. Given the rising surge in online shopping every year, we can safely assume Amazon – one of the big boys in the industry – to get a huge pie of the sales if it gets its holiday marketing strategy right. And it definitely seems it’s trying hard enough with its multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Holiday Marketing Strategies

Recently Amazon launched a new publishing program called Kindle Scout. The program offers readers a say in the publishing process; that is, only those books that get enough nominations from the readers will get published under Kindle Press. The authors of the nominated books will get $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty, and featured marketing on and Kindle store.

On the other side, Amazon is making the most of web-savvy moms to push up their sales. Moms whose opinions are taken seriously by peers. Recently, Amazon surveyed nearly 400,000 American moms and came up with “Mom Picks 2014,” a list of 50 top toys and games for 2014.

Lisa Diaz, a mom who unknowingly became part of the marketing strategy, is definitely impressed because she believes that the list is more than just a shallow promotion that every eCommerce merchants does to improve the sales of the items on the list. She believes that the list gives moms and everyone else a voice. A voice that shows upcoming trends of the market.

If we look at the history of Amazon’s eCommerce marketing strategy, we will find it that this is not the first time the eCommerce giant has tried to use word-of-mouth publicity. “Mom Picks” was introduced as a holiday shopping tool in 2013 and it had ended as one of the most popularly used tools. According to Amazon, it was in fact used more frequently than price and discount filters. The list is beneficial to shoppers as well as Amazon. Shoppers use the list for good gifting ideas, while Amazon uses it as the indicator of upcoming sales. In fact, this word-of-mouth marketing strategy creates a strong urge to buy among other shoppers – boosting the overall sales of the company.

Apart from regular shoppers, Amazon is also trying to attract the shoppers who believe in generosity. AmazonSmile is a program that allows shoppers to shop exactly what they are looking for at the seasonal discount prices while helping them contribute to their favorite nonprofits. Under this program, 5% of each purchase will go to the charity of shoppers’ choice. Almost one million nonprofits are participating – right from American Red Cross to The Nature Conservancy. This program stands a good chance of being successful, especially during the holiday season when people are more prone to donate for their favorite causes.

It seems Amazon is quite optimistic about its marketing strategy if we look at the company’s move to hire 80,000 seasonal employees. In 2013, Amazon had hired 70,000 seasonal employees and in 2012, it was 50,000. The extra employees will work in the Amazon network of fulfillment and sorting centers where they will execute millions of orders daily.

If you own an Amazon Webstore, you stand better chance of making the most of Amazon’s aggressive marketing strategy by having your own little tactic that complements the eCommerce giant’s plans. Are you wondering how you can have one? Contact Kaushalam. We are recognized Amazon Webstore developers who can help you get an advantage over your competitors.

To help you boost your holiday sales, we will:

Special Shopping Days: We will develop special strategies for Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Free Shipping Day and end-of-year sales. The strategy will include detailed information about how to go for ad promotions, sale items, coupons and social media pushes. We will study your last year’s holiday sales data to figure out what will appeal the most to your customers. Are you thinking how much to spend on advertising? No worries. We will help you figure out that too.

Loyal Customers: You never had planned holiday campaigns before? That’s OK. We can use the data about your best selling products and loyal customers as a springboard for planning. According to the Pareto Principal, 80% of your business generally comes from 20% of your total customer base. As the same principal is going to work in the holiday season, we will focus first on your loyal customers with holiday-special offers.

Look & Feel of Your Store: Your store will get totally new look to suit the upcoming holiday season. Your logo will be changed and the landing page will be redesigned to put your shoppers in the holiday spirit. We will even brand your action buttons to create a sense of urgency for quick shopping.

Gifting Ideas: Most of the times it’s quite difficult for your shoppers to come up with good gifting ideas. To help them along, we will create a gift ideas section wherein we can feature your bestsellers. We can even display testimonials of your satisfied customers to create trust among your visitors.

Creative Promotions: We will go beyond the standard solution. Your marketing strategy will include special package offers and creative promotions that are bound to push up the order value. We will also help you implement creative cross-promotions with other brands to make sure you get high sales. We will help you set free shipping for orders with dollar amount exceeding certain threshold.

Email Campaigns: Apart from doing creative things, we shouldn’t forget email campaigns. When designed tastefully, email marketing tends to deliver the highest returns. We will study your customer demographics to come up with an effective email campaign. Consequently, you will see a significant boost in your holiday sales. We will even add value-added services specifically for your email subscribers. Although this value-added services may not bring huge amounts but it will definitely help your overall sales figures.

Are you looking for something out-of-the-box for this holiday season? Contact us. We will make it happen for you.

Comparison Shopping Engines Become Expensive

Holiday season is coming up, and eCommerce merchants are getting ready for mind-boggling sales. And it seems all comparison shopping engines are getting ready to make money out of the sales season. Most of the comparison shopping engines have released their annual holiday CPC rate increase.

Do you want to know who all have hiked rates for how long? Read on to find the answers!

Comparison Shopping Engines Become Expensive


Nextag has increased 25% rates across all the categories. The hike will be effective from Oct. 27, 2014, through Jan. 5, 2015.


PriceGrabber has increased rates by 25% on all subcategories in the rate card. The hike relates to fixed CPC rates only. If you are a participating in their bidding program, your active bid amount will not be automatically adjusted. The CPC rates of competing product offers will increase. But if you don’t adjust your bids to include 25% rate increase, you will lost visibility and traffic during holidays. The hike is effective from Oct. 25, 2014, through Jan. 7, 2015., an eBay Commerce Network, has layered rate increase. 64% of the rate card will have no rate increase while 4 categories will witness an increase of 15%. The rate of 81 categories will increase by 30%. The comparison shopping engine will adjust CPC bids automatically during the holiday pricing period. The hike will remain effective from Oct. 27, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2014.

Comparison shopping engines such as, Pronto, Amazon Product Ads and Become have yet to announce any rate hikes. Industry observers do not expect Shopzilla to increase the fees in light of its recently introduced Fixed Rate Smart Pricing. This pricing structure has smart pricing of of $4.00 for all categories and CPC rates are based on product performance.

Are you thinking to expand your product listings on various comparison shopping sites? Contact us. We will simplify this task for you by automating the entire process. This will also remove room for human errors. Depending on your business model and business goals, the solution will be customized from start to finish.

4 Best eCommerce SEO Practices For eCommerce Businesses

Classic SEO best practices work for a typical website. But for eCommerce websites, considering their size and scale of operations, you need to look beyond conventional Search Engine Optimization process and engage modern SEO techniques to turnaround sales. Here are 4 cutting-edge SEO solutions that would make your eCommerce store more successful.

1. Focus on clean content:Best Practices for eCommerce SEO

It’s not easy to cheat Google. So, if you are deliberately using any ‘Black Hat’ SEO tactics like embedding unnecessary keywords in a page or hiding keywords using site’s background color, the search engine giant would treat such manipulations with an iron hand. So stay away from such misadventures, say webmasters.

2. Focus on their personas:

First things first: you need to figure out the online behavior of your target audience. If you do that right, it’s easy to attract quality traffic. So ensure to design your email marketing campaigns, social media sharing techniques, and also display ads in such a way that it attracts maximum attention from your target audience. And for visitors who are already looking out for products you are selling on your site, a strong placement in SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGES will help attract them to your site. Once such visitors reach your site, sales is guaranteed. Even well-optimized product pages will help you in this cause.

3. Focus on category pages:

Category pages are not like product pages. Given its wider scope, the retailers can use it to the maximum by building a larger-than-life picture around the term that was just searched. In fact, webmasters are of the opinion that category pages should be given the treatment of individualized home pages. These pages should be rich in content and there should be good amount of emphasis on the keywords, specifically in the page title.

Even deep links from category to product pages is considered crucial: not just from SEO point of view, but also from user experience.

4. Focus on image tags, all day:

Like it or not, more often than not, potential customers are more visual in their online behavior and search for products through images. This scenario is especially true for visitors searching apparel or fashion products. Alternate text (or, alt tags) is specifically useful for sites that have many products falling into a single category.

All these tips, though crucial, are just a tip of the iceberg. As you explore SEO strategies further, you will come across other important strategies like, how to avoid duplicate content, how to avoid out-of-stock and out-of-season situation and so on. So wishing you all the success for your SEO endeavors.

Harness the Power of Amazon Webstore with Sumo Commerce

Amazon Webstores are popular among eCommerce merchants for a reason. When you opt for Amazon Webstore, you get a chance to leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure of Amazon for maximum benefits. Are you looking to get something more out of Amazon? Something that goes beyond standard Amazon features and benefits? If so, partner with Kaushalam.

Power your Amazon Webstore with Sumo Commerce

We are an authorized Amazon Webstore developer who will customize each and every element of your webstore to help you achieve your goals. Both long term and short term. We will integrate your Amazon Webstore with your other existing eCommerce stores, if any. Consequently, you stand to gain all the benefits of Amazon infrastructure along with Sumo Commerce.

When you join hands with Kaushalam, you get following benefits:

End-to-end solution: You get a wide range of tools and functionalities that work according to your requirements. Right from inventory updates to shipping statuses to customer service. A comprehensive solution that helps you explore all the possibilities of the eCommerce world.

Improved brand awareness: Use wide range of marketing features to build a strong brand equity in your target market. Go for PPC, email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. We will make sure that your marketing strategy is comprehensive and effective, helping you penetrate your target audience.

User-friendly and intuitive: Sumo Commerce is designed to fit you and your business. When your Amazon Webstore is integrated with Sumo Commerce, you get a platform that’s easy to manage, centralized and fully integrated with the tools that you need to manage all your backend processes.

Safe and trustworthy: Solutions from Kaushalam are always safe and secure. Your solution will be full of security tools that will prevent your platform from being hacked. Your information and your customers’ information will never go in the hands of unauthorized parties.

Flexibility and scalability: Sumo Commerce is a one-time expense. You don’t have to invest regularly. For example, if you wish to add another Amazon Webstore or Yahoo store to your centralized platform, you can easily do so without taking our or any other developer’s help. In short, the solution will grow along with your business.

Quick set up: Your Amazon Webstore will be set up quickly. You will be able to start selling in no time. You just have to tell us your requirements, and we will make sure that your store go live in weeks. Usually, other developers take months to make you go live.

Advanced analytical tools: You will always know where your business is going with our solution. Be prepared to get a 360-degree view of your entire business, right from current backend processes to region-wise sales to upcoming trends. You can even integrate an ERP product for streamlined frontend and backend processes for your entire business.

When you start working with Kaushalam, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Because we are your authorized Amazon Webstore developers who have years to experience in setting up powerful eCommerce stores leveraging the powerful Amazon platform. Do you have any specific eCommerce needs? Talk to us. We will solve all your business problems for optimum performance.