Harness the Power of Amazon Webstore with Sumo Commerce

Amazon Webstores are popular among eCommerce merchants for a reason. When you opt for Amazon Webstore, you get a chance to leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure of Amazon for maximum benefits. Are you looking to get something more out of Amazon? Something that goes beyond standard Amazon features and benefits? If so, partner with Kaushalam.

Power your Amazon Webstore with Sumo Commerce

We are an authorized Amazon Webstore developer who will customize each and every element of your webstore to help you achieve your goals. Both long term and short term. We will integrate your Amazon Webstore with your other existing eCommerce stores, if any. Consequently, you stand to gain all the benefits of Amazon infrastructure along with Sumo Commerce.

When you join hands with Kaushalam, you get following benefits:

End-to-end solution: You get a wide range of tools and functionalities that work according to your requirements. Right from inventory updates to shipping statuses to customer service. A comprehensive solution that helps you explore all the possibilities of the eCommerce world.

Improved brand awareness: Use wide range of marketing features to build a strong brand equity in your target market. Go for PPC, email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. We will make sure that your marketing strategy is comprehensive and effective, helping you penetrate your target audience.

User-friendly and intuitive: Sumo Commerce is designed to fit you and your business. When your Amazon Webstore is integrated with Sumo Commerce, you get a platform that’s easy to manage, centralized and fully integrated with the tools that you need to manage all your backend processes.

Safe and trustworthy: Solutions from Kaushalam are always safe and secure. Your solution will be full of security tools that will prevent your platform from being hacked. Your information and your customers’ information will never go in the hands of unauthorized parties.

Flexibility and scalability: Sumo Commerce is a one-time expense. You don’t have to invest regularly. For example, if you wish to add another Amazon Webstore or Yahoo store to your centralized platform, you can easily do so without taking our or any other developer’s help. In short, the solution will grow along with your business.

Quick set up: Your Amazon Webstore will be set up quickly. You will be able to start selling in no time. You just have to tell us your requirements, and we will make sure that your store go live in weeks. Usually, other developers take months to make you go live.

Advanced analytical tools: You will always know where your business is going with our solution. Be prepared to get a 360-degree view of your entire business, right from current backend processes to region-wise sales to upcoming trends. You can even integrate an ERP product for streamlined frontend and backend processes for your entire business.

When you start working with Kaushalam, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Because we are your authorized Amazon Webstore developers who have years to experience in setting up powerful eCommerce stores leveraging the powerful Amazon platform. Do you have any specific eCommerce needs? Talk to us. We will solve all your business problems for optimum performance.

The Best eCommerce Platforms: Amazon Webstore or Bigcommerce?

Of course you need to have a robust and powerful eCommerce platform if you are planning to compete with big boys. But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? At the same time, it’s not as daunting as other eCommerce specialists would like you to believe. To put it simply, the entire decision depends on your business requirements and goals. Once you nail that down, you should scrutinize all types of eCommerce development. Including Amazon Webstore, Bigcommerce, eBay, Yahoo! and customized stores. Study all the features that can help you reach your goals and consider the functionalities that can facilitate your growth.

Amazon Webstore Vs BigcommerceAs there are thousand and one things to study about each eCommerce platform, let’s start with Amazon Webstore and Bigcommerce over here because they are popular ones in today’s times.

Amazon Webstore:


  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: Amazon Webstore has the most powerful eCommerce infrastructure with cutting-edge features and functionalities.
  • Highly popular: Amazon is very popular among shoppers. If your target audience is very large, it definitely makes sense to be on Amazon Webstore.
  • Fully customizable: You can customize each element of your Amazon Web store without any problem. Right from layout to shopping cart. So it’s easy to set yourself apart from the competition.


  • Limited features: When it comes to SEO customization and marketing tools, there’s lot of limitations. This in turn will impact your overall marketing strategy.
  • Too many costs: You will need to pay all sorts of fees, starting from marketplace fees to transaction fees to fraud protection fees and payment processing fees.
  • Poaching sales: The worst thing Amazon Store can do to you is poach your sales, and unfortunately, it does. It uses your data for business decisions and undercuts your sales.

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  • Easy to use: Bigcommerce is very easy to use. You can build a great-looking website quickly without much hassles.
  • Customizable: Like Amazon Store, you can easily customize your website or store on Bigcommerce. Design templates, layout, shopping cart. Everything can be changed to suit you.
  • Marketing tools: With Bigcommerce, you will get a range of tools and functionalities to help you improve your store’s ranking on various search engines. You will even get tools to sharpen your overall marketing strategy.
  • Full support: You will get full support for processes such as shipping and payment. Bigcommerce can also make your web presence mobile-friendly.


  • Time consuming: Although it’s easy to customize Bigcommerce, it takes lot of effort and time if you are looking for deeper customization.
  • Limited bandwidth: The plans are affordable but they don’t offer much in terms of bandwidth. It’s quite limited and you will like face problems during the holiday seasons.

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As I said earlier, there’s nothing absolutely right or wrong while selecting the eCommerce platform. Everything depends on your goals and priorities. If you are getting confused which platform to choose, contact Kaushalam. We have several years of expertise in helping various companies make the most of the technology. Our business consultants and product specialists will guide you to the perfect solution in no time.

Sudden Drop in Organic Search Rankings? Find Out Why

Internet marketers are regularly facing this problem with search engines. Till recently, your site was performing better and topping SERPs and now suddenly the rankings are plummeting sending shocking waves to you and your business.

Now, you are left with no other option but wonder as to what triggered this change. Read on to get some insight on this problem if you experiencing it:

Did any algorithm update happen?

Sudden Drop in Organic Search Rankings? Find Out WhyGo through some SEO forums, blogs etc. to determine whether there was any algorithm update or not. Chances are there that your site might have been hit by this recent update and that is why it is showing these signs. If possible, try contacting other webmasters to confirm whether they too are experiencing the same situation. Further more, you can also look out for any official announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts or through webmaster blog from Google.

Did the website experience any significant transformation?

Had your website undergone some recent change? Was there any major restructuring of the navigation process or was the website redesigned altogether? If so, this can be another reason for the drop. Fine tune all the changes and make Google aware of the changes so that it can forgo the old site to analyze the new one.

Did you get affected with negative SEO techniques by other sites?

Negative SEO can cause extensive damage to your site. Make sure you are not affected by it. If so, use the Disavow tool to get rid of all the unwanted links posted by your competitors.

Did your site experience any server problems?

If the Google spiders accessing your site do not find any response or if your site loads slowly, then there is a chance that your rankings might get dropped. In such cases, setting up a 503 code can inform search engines that you are aware of the situation and that your site is currently under maintenance and will bounce back soon.

Was your website hacked?

Many times internet marketers are ignorant of the fact that their sites might have been hacked. Such hacked websites are ignored by the search engines thus producing catastrophic results. Installing Google or Bing webmaster tools can help you identify and diagnose susceptibilities thereby bringing back the steady traffic to your site.

Does your site include a series of broken links?

Broken links can be one reason for the sudden drop in your website rankings. Search for broken links (if any) with the help of some tools and rectify them to find a huge bounce back in your rankings.

Did your robots.txt file or sitemap end up have erroneous information?

If the robot file or the sitemap was coded or generated in the wrong manner respectively, then there are also chances that your site might experience a low on the search results.

Was the analytics tracking code removed from your website?

Check whether your analytics tracking code is present or not. Use an Analytics checker/debugger tool to ensure this.

Did your site have canonical issues?

Any website can choose one domain format and stick to it throughout. Domain name can include www or avoid www but should go on with this format for entire pages. If Google finds the same content and meta tags for any two pages, it chooses any one copy to evaluate and then undervalues all other versions of the page.

Did your site experience a ranking penalty?

This can be the major reason for the sudden drop in rankings. Penalties are given by Google on those websites that choose black hat techniques to promote their site. Posting bad links and Spam content can bring down your rankings imposing a manual penalty or an algorithmic penalty depending on the activities done on your site. If manual penalty, the website owners will receive a message from the Google Webmaster tools informing them about the penalty and some understanding pertaining to it. These penalties are easy to identify and the impact can vary right from removal of the page or entire site from SERPs. If algorithmic penalty, then such updates are not easily identifiable and can only be noticed if the rankings drop.

If you can fix all the above issues, your site can easily resurrect without causing much trouble. For more information on fixing these issues, call Kaushalam’s SEO experts today! Our professionals deliver first class solutions to all your ranking related issues.

Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Instagram

eCommerce business largely depends on images and videos. Why? Because there’s no other way for buyers to decide what the product looks like and if it’s the exact product they are looking for. If you are looking to promote your products, one of the best ways is to post pictures of your products on various networking websites, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. As the future of your business hangs on quality of these images, you have to be doubly sure that these images are of top quality and compelling enough to convert browsers into store visitors, and store visitors into paying customers. And to develop enchanting images, you should go for Instagram.

Why Your eCommerce Business Needs InstagramInstagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking platform that enables you to enhance pictures and videos through digital filters. You can then share them directly on various social networking services. The main reason behind the popularity of Instagram is how it offers you the ways to share your business products and events with your audience. It offers an ability to communicate the emotional appeal of your products directly to the target audience without messing up the message.

If you are looking for more reasons to use Instagram online, consider the following:

  • Instagram’s photo-editing tools are great for visual marketing and creative branding
  • Instagram has more than 200 million monthly users, making it a number one destination for businesses, including the eCommerce ones
  • 60 million photos are shared daily on an average and 1.6 billion likes are garnered each day
  • Brand pages on Facebook are on decline, forcing businesses to look for alternate ways of promoting
  • Instagram doesn’t use any algorithm to decide what category of people will like to see your post, and so each of your posts will appear to all your followers
  • Instagram has created a section for business use and it’s planning to launch an advertising platform soon

However, just being on Instagram isn’t enough. For maximum benefits, you should know how to use instagram for eCommerce business marketing. To make the most of Instagram, you should:

  • Use relevant and short hashtags while posting images and videos
  • Engage with others by liking and commenting on their pictures
  • Tag appropriate locations of images and videos
  • Use image-editing tools to make your images more visually appealing

Once you start employing all these tactics to build a strong brand, you need to measure the performance. To gauge the performance, you can use various tools such as Iconosquare. The will offer key metrics about account activity, including total number of likes received, most-liked photos, average number of likes and comments per photo, follower growth, and more advanced analytics.

How To Manage Inventory During Holiday Season

During holiday season sale, merchants usually register between 20%-30% of their annual sales. Although it’s good for the overall growth of the business, it’s a huge pain in the neck to manage the operations during this period. As an eCommerce merchant, you will have to manage aggressive marketing strategy, organize packing and shipping, and track inventory during this time. Unless the entire process is perfectly planned and implemented, most probably you will face out-of-stock situations – resulting into loss of sales and profits. The best way to avoid this situation is to implement an effective inventory management system design.

How To Manage Inventory During Holiday Season

Following are the steps to manage your inventory during holiday season:

1. Analyze the inventory: If you are already having an inventory sorting system in place, analyze it and see if that system will sustain well under the intense pressure that it will be subjected to during the holidays. Review the historical data and take a call. Also, make sure that you have enough storage space to store the extra inventory that you are ordering from suppliers in holiday season.

2. Streamline order fulfillment process: For order fulfillment, you need to keep track of your orders, inventory, packing and shipping process. When normally this process is time consuming, just imagine the amount of time it will take during holidays. So implement a flexible and scalable order management system that will help you quickly execute all the backend processes, including tracking of inventory, managing orders, and shipping orders. Although you might have to fork out some money for such system, it will be well worth the investment.

3. Label the inventory: If you have a wide range of products, it’s better to label it. When the products are labelled properly, it will become quite easy to depend on other person to help you pick, pack and ship orders. Also, this will help you avoid dispatching of in-correct products.

4. Invest in inventory tracking: In plain and simple language, poor inventory management costs money – money in lost sales and profits. Install a proper inventory management system, which will keep your products organized and make the execution of orders easy.

Do you need more help to manage your inventory? Contact us and we will help you.