5 eCommerce Challenges and Solutions

On August 20, 2014, in eCommerce Development, by Akshay Vyas

Translating a business idea into a real eCommerce store is really a big thing. So, there would be many stumbling blocks that start-ups may especially encounter on everyday basis. However, these blocks can be converted into stepping stones of success, if we strictly follow the basic ground rules:

  • Have faith in your idea
  • Do not compromise
  • Follow your gut feeling

Though businesses differ in budget, market and goals, even then the challenges faced by them are somewhat similar.

Here’s a sneak peek:

eCommerce Challenges - Security Concerns1. Security Concerns:

Financial frauds, unauthorized access and fake sales can keep customers away from your website. So opt for customized eCommerce websites as vendors as they offer authenticated and encrypted internet servers that ensure complete security.

eCommerce Challenges - Complex DB Management2. Complex Database Management:

A shopping website has to deal with huge database. And in case, a wrong platform for eCommerce development is selected, then it might simply complicate the data management process. One can simplify this process by selecting the right platform that offers efficient content management system and helps in data control.

3. Integration with CRM:eCommerce Challenges - CRM

Integrating interaction channels, such as online forms, emails, call in option, etc., is crucial for online businesses these days, But if they are intricate and complicated then it may actually defeat the purpose of having them at all in the first place. Buyers want fast responses. A complicated plugin may drive them away from your shopping site forever.

4. Payment gateways:eCommerce Challenges - Payment Gateways

It is one of the biggest challenges in e commerce development. The most common issue surfacing these days is that e-Commerce companies inadvertently choose payment gateway that may not work in all countries or may have limited customization services.

5. Low conversion funnel:eCommerce Challenges - Low Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnel, i.e., product selection to checkout, is what online buying is about. The whole process from the start to the end should be made easy and inspiring enough for the customers to stick around. eCommerce owners who invest a lot on development and marketing but don’t focus much on the buying process are actually killing their potential sales. Let’s work on conversion area to increase conversion ratio.

If you wish to right these wrongs, you can take the help of our technically skilled programmers who can easily build a platform that’s in sync with your business goals. Talk to our team right away, if you are looking for suggestions to launch a custom ecommerce website.

Secure Your Website To Boost Google Ranking

On August 14, 2014, in Internet marketing, by Rajith Pillai

Google had announced that by adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate to your website you can make a minor difference to your Google ranking. Google also clarified that HTTPS carries less weight than other signals such as high-quality content but they may decide to strengthen the signal in the future.

HTTPS Website Security with SSL

Google said that currently HTTPS websites are less than 1% and they are encouraging the websites to switch to HTTPS from HTTP to keep visitors safe and secure on the web.

Moreover, Google has updated Google Webmaster Tools to handle HTTPS sites smoothly.

Switching to HTTPS

Are you worried about switching to HTTPS for SEO purposes? If that’s the case, you just require to follow few steps to make sure that Google is aware about the switch and that your traffic doesn’t suffer. To make a switch successful, you should:

  • Select a proper certificate from single, multi-domain or wildcard certificate
  • Use 2048-bit key certificatesSSL Certificate for HTTPS Security
  • Utilize relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain
  • For other domains, use protocol relative URLs
  • Unblock your HTTPS website from crawling using robots.txt
  • Allow indexing of pages by search engines
  • Avoid using noindex robots meta tag

While you are shifting from HTTP to HTTPS, make sure you are tracking the migration in your analytics software and within Google Webmaster Tools for flawless execution.

3 Key Selling Points of Amazon Webstore

On August 13, 2014, in eCommerce Development, by Akshay Vyas

Have you ever wondered why Amazon Webstore is so popular among eCommerce merchants? Apart from offering access to target audience with minimal costs, Amazon Webstore offers a range of programs that help businesses grow by leaps and bounds. The three major reasons behind the success of Amazon Webstore are as follows:

Customized applications

Like individuals, businesses have their own unique and separate identity. No two businesses have same requirements. To fulfill unique requirements of each business, Amazon offers wide array of tools that can be customized per their requirements. Through Amazon Webstore API integration, you as an eCommerce merchant can create customized solutions for your business.

Amazon Webstore

Reliability and security

When it comes to Amazon, it doesn’t matter which template or application you choose, you will only find reliable and secure platform. When you choose Amazon Webstore, you won’t even have to worry about branding, promotions, content, analytics, SEO and more. Amazon’s robust platform is fully equipped you to help you in all these activities along with launching of new products, checkout processes and much more.

Centralized data

Do you have several processes to handle? With Amazon Webstore’s API integration, you don’t have to worry about managing all these functions from different locations. It will offer one centralized location through which you can manage inventory, payments, marketing, customer relationship management and much more.

User friendly

Although Amazon Webstore is cost effective and 100% customizable, it’s very easy to use compared to other API integration. Be it template design, product promotions or checkout, all the processes can be modified and are ready to use in short period of time. Moreover, it offers a range of functionality such as reports to help you gauge business performance accurately.

Do you want to leverage Amazon Webstore for outstanding sales? Just contact us. Kaushalam, a leading provider of eCommerce services, specialize in offering customized tools and applications that help businesses simplify business processes.

How To Enhance Returns Management System

On August 12, 2014, in eCommerce Development, by Akshay Vyas

Getting sales returns is quite a normal procedure for any business, and businesses definitely need to consider how they are going to handle those returns. If you are formulating such policies and procedures for your business, go through the following tips.

1. Never hide your policy: There’s definitely no need to hide your return policy. If it’s too hard to find or unclear, customers will not purchase the products from you. They need to be assured that you will be there for them if anything goes wrong with their purchase.

HPD Return Policy

2. Restocking fees: Are you charging restocking fees? Make sure they are fair to your customers; always remember that these fees are never more than what is required to cover your expenses from the return, and the same should be informed to your customers.

3. Use return management applications: Whenever a customer needs to return their purchase, a return merchandise authorization number is issued to them to track the return and make sure that the customer is refunded. Instead of implementing manual procedure for this, use return management applications.

4. Keep the return process simple: The process shouldn’t be annoying and complex for the customers, otherwise you might lose them for life

Simplify RMA Process5. Defective products: If you charge restocking fees normally, don’t do it for defective products because it achieves nothing but annoyance for the customers. It’s you who has sent the defective product and the customer shouldn’t be required to pay for it.

6. Abandon customers: Don’t ever forget to respond to customers who are unhap

7. No addition of inventory: Unless the product is defective, you need to re-enter the returned product into the inventory so that you can sell it again. Don’t forget to do that otherwise you might end up increasing your inventory shrinkage level.py with your products. That’s the worst thing you can do to them. Help them through the returns process and make sure that they receive their refunds. When you treat your customers well, they will return to you again for other purchases.

8. Reasons for returns: To reduce the ratio of sales return for the future, you need to keep track of the reasons for the returns. If the customer has returned the product for being defective, you have to make sure that you aren’t shipping defective products to your customers in the future. Making a mistake is okay but repeating the mistake is not.

Do you know more ways to enhance the return process? Share it with us today!

How to Increase Conversion Ratio of Your eCommerce Business

On August 8, 2014, in Internet marketing, by Rajith Pillai

Most of the times, eCommerce merchants are more concerned about improving their website traffic rather than increasing the eCommerce conversion rates from the existing customers. According to various research, for every $100 retailers spend to attract customers, only $1 goes into converting them. This research obviously gives rise to one question: are you doing enough to improve the conversion ratio from your existing customers? If not, how can you do it? If you are at sea, let’s talk about it. You just have to make few simple changes to your website as well as digital marketing strategy or eCommerce conversion optimization strategy and you are set to improve the conversion ratio.

Here are few tips that will be helpful to you:Increase Conversion Rate of your eCommerce Site

  • Make slight changes to text size, color, layout and other such elements to see which combination boosts the conversion ratio. Please remember that there’s no set formula for this; what works for one website doesn’t necessarily work for the other. You will have to find your own combination and for that, trial and error is the best approach.
  • Highlight critical product information and offer detailed product zooms. This will enhance the shopping experience for your users, making it easy for them to make a better shopping decision.
  • Use product demo videos. They are known to fill the gap of sales assistant, allowing shoppers to see the true size of the product as well as offer them enough information about how well the products can work.
  • Develop an email re-marketing strategy to improve the conversion rate. You can create special deals for high value customers; personalize their shopping experience by keeping them updated about the products of their interest.
  • Offer customer support to the visitors. You can do this either by offering chat functionality or by offering phone support 24×7.
  • Add a recommendation tool to the website. This tool will recommend products to the visitors based on their internet preferences, what they add to their basket and what they’ve purchased before.
  • Launch a mobile marketing campaigns for active customers, offering various discounts and deals. According to various researches, 6% of the customers receiving text messages make purchases.
  • Simplify the navigation of the website. Lesser the clicks required to navigate between the products, better will be the conversion ratio. You can also do cross selling and up selling on the product listing page itself.
  • Add product ratings and review functionality, opening up communication with customers. This way, you are building up trust and the conversion rates.
  • Ramp up email marketing frequency right before Christmas and Valentines day. As customers are more focused on shopping during that time, it won’t even be annoying for them to receive frequent emails from you. But don’t forget to reduce the email frequency once the holidays are over.