Factors that affect eCommerce budgeting

eCommerce budgeting may baffle only if your business goals are unclear. If your goals are clear, specifically your traffic and sales goals, then we tell your eCommerce site will be worth every dime you spent. Usually the sites can be build in $5,000 – $500,000 + range. The cost involved  primarily depends on how you want your website to perform.

If you want your website to attract great traffic and do million in sales, then of course the cost of building your eCommerce site will go up, because you will require the grist for the mill, i.e., the features and functionalities that will help you achieve your desired goals. If your target is $ 60,000 a year in sales, then a site built within a budget of $5,000 will be good. But if your set your sights higher, then it calls for higher eCommerce budgeting. Remember: starting an online site is same as starting a brick-and-mortar business. Capital investment is a the basic requirement.

Factors that affect eCommerce budgeting

Costs that affect the eCommerce budgeting

Custom designing: The basics features and functionalities of an eCommerce site include: Categories features, featured items, product pages, related products, and so on. These being standard features, it won’t drive up the cost. However, if custom eCommerce functionality is on your mind, then be prepared to shell out a little more. But then the returns will be good enough, and you won’t feel the pinch. For instance, you sell some special products and you want a customized search engine embedded in your site to help customers find the product. So this calls for additional cost. However, your stance to stand out from the crowd with the special product will help drive sales to your site. Many of your competitors don’t have the product, so you stand a chance to attract more traffic.

Design: It’s a cosmetic world, so looks matter. First impressions have a lasting impact. So ensure that your website’s first impressions doesn’t fail you. An amateur looking site won’t attract that many customers than a professional site. Also, the look and feel of the website helps in branding. If you are already a veteran in your chosen domain, then ensure that your site too is in sync with the brand image. Many online merchants are spending big bucks on building sites that sell.

If you want, you could even choose a template design. However, this is strictly recommended only for those working on shoe-string budgets. If you have the money, always opt for customized designs.

SEO: Prior to hiring an eCommerce development company, inquire whether their packages include SEO services too. Some companies don’t offer them. So think twice before hiring one. Having an in built SEO systems in your site, saves big money, and even makes the life easier of future SEO companies. Though such SEO is not sufficient to attract good page rankings, yet it will be the first step in the right direction.

The Company: The eCommerce development company you choose also affects your pricing. Some companies charge more simply because they have a string of experienced developers and designers who could offer you high-end stuff vis-a-vis some companies that offer deplorable services at low cost. Whoever you choose, ensure that he is reliable and keeps you updated on the different developmental stages, and is also easily accessible when the website is complete.

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