MCommerce is the next big thing in the online eCommerce world

Though online eCommerce is strongly making its presence felt, mobile eCommerce aka MCOMMERCE is not far behind.  Before long, mCommerce will catch up and overtake the online eCommerce space. Ofcourse, mCommerce is the name of the game these days.  According to a latest study conducted by a leading organization,  1 of the 4 Christmas purchases in 2012 were made on mobile. In fact it is predicted that by next Christmas 43% of the purchases will be done on a smartphone or tablet. Tablets have recorded the highest average order value,i.e., $47 per order while, Smartphones will manage about $39 per order.    Mobile eCommerce

The mobile orders in America are already skyrocketing, and the steepest growth is being witnessed from very unlikely states such as Wyoming, North Dakota, Arkansas, South Caroline and Louisina.

Key Highlights of MCommerce

  • Presently, 17% of eCommerce sales are done on mobile and by 2013 the figure might possibly reach 37%.
  • Monthly sales have grown about four times this year
  • Mobile traffic is growing exponentially and is likely to reach 40% in 2013.

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