Propel your business with eRetail Stores

The onset of online selling has created new sales channels and opportunities for online merchants. For them, the world has become a huge marketplace, with the prospect of attracting millions of potential customers. And since setting of an ecommerce store is a low-budget affair, entrepreneurs are looking beyond the conventional brick-and-mortar stores, and launching virtual stores in a big way.

Besides establishing a website, the ecommerce stores are able to leverage new-age technologies as well, by way of which they get to connect with multiple eRetail stores such as eBay, Shopify, 3dCart BS and Vend stores, effortlessly. Technology has empowered retailers to make more money and improve efficiency, while bridging the gap between the buyer and seller.  Expectations from customers have also increased with the evolving of ecommerce solutions

Propel your business with eRetail Stores
Propel your business with eRetail Stores

Advantages of eRetail Stores

For Store Owners:

Negligible investment – As you operate through websites, you can save drastically on the real estate costs. Besides this, the maintenance cost of a virtual store is insignificant in comparison to a physical store.

Mass Market – A physical store caters to customers in a specific geographical location. However, an eretail store is globally accessible.

Change in product display – E-tailers can change the product display to increase the visibility of goods. This feature ensures increased hits and conversions.

For customers:

Customer connect – One-on-one interaction is possible with the customers through eRetail stores. It enables store owners answer queries of customers in a jiffy. The facility leaves the customer satisfied and fulfilled.

Search option – The customer can carry out his own search, with regard to a particular product. While in the case of a physical store, the retailer offers what he wants to sell.

Global reach – Customers have a much wider choice at their fingertips, thanks to a variety of e-retail sites to choose from. In this way, the web creates a global market place that brings together multiple consumers and retailers.

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