Get Ready For Thanksgiving!

If you are into online retail sales, Thanksgiving is of course important for you as your sales would be at peak during that time. However, is your website ready for Thanksgiving?

Consider the following elements of your website for robust sales during Thanksgiving.

  1. Design and graphics: Add festive look to your website. Jazz up the banners, the footers and shopping cart to make the shopping experience more fun and frolic.
  2. Deals and promotional offers: As Thanksgiving shopping is becoming more and more popular, it definitely makes business sense to offer discounts and website promotional deals to your customers.
  3. Free Shipping: To encourage more sales, you can even offer free shipping to your customers. If that’s not financially viable, consider offering free shipping above certain purchase order amount.
  4. Send newsletters: Send newsletters to all your customers about Thanksgiving celebrations. In the newsletter, you can mention the various deals and offers you are offering. You can even make it more personal by mentioning how you are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving as a company.
  5. Tighten Security: With Thanksgiving, you are bound to receive hordes of traffic. Make sure that your website’s server will be able to handle this huge amount of traffic. Also, tighten up the security of the payment gateway and secure yourself against any hacking attempts.
ThanksGiving Sale
ThanksGiving Sale

Apart from these measures, you can also think of unique ways to brighten up your customers’ visit at your webstore. If you have any great idea about celebrating Thanksgiving on your online store, do share it with us. We would love to listen from you.

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