7 Tips to Successfully Use Facebook Hashtags For Event Promotions

After Twitter, Flickr, Google+, and Tumblr, Facebook too has joined the Hashtag gang. Marketers can make the most of this tool by using dedicated hashtags to promote their events on Facebook.

Here are some hashtag tips that marketers can take advantage of to promote their events on Facebook:

Pertinent: Devise a hashtag that’s related to your event and is easy to spell as well. If you are using a mobile app, use it directly in the app, so that users can join in easily.

Particularity: It’s important to pick up words that are currently not in use. For instance, if you are hosting a Tech conference 2013 for start-ups and the hashtag you choose is #tech, then without a doubt, you will get irrelevant tweets per minute. However, if you select something like #TCS 2013, the number of unwarranted tweets will get automatically minimized. You will be able to reach the target audience using particular (unique) words in hashtags.

Precise: Be precise to the point hashtags are easier to remember. If your hashtag has a longer event name like “Social Media Marketing World 2013,” turn it into #SMMW13.  However, please do remember to make them easy to recall.

Planned:  One should avoid turning every name or topic that comes to their mind into a hashtag. An ideal hashtag should sound good, and more importantly, it should not mean something in other language. In case, a hashtag has a meaning in other language, it may result in collision of two different streams.

Promote:  Your hashtag will lose its meaning if nobody is using it. So, make it a point to use it on your website, marketing materials, dedicated emails, advertisements, event’s mobile app, social networks, newsletter and other channels employed to reach the audience.

Listen: Hashtag is the best way to get the attention of event attendees. In addition to that, it helps attendees connect with each other. It also helps track conversations and allows you to be a part of topics and issues that are discussed online.

Play with it: Since hastags are new, you are free to experiment. Introduce discounts and contests through it.

Haphazard use of hashtags instead of streamlining will only make your business messier. Dedicated utilization of this dynamic tool will attract the right audience to your events.

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