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It is a widely acknowledged fact that visitors of ‘About Us’ page make more purchases than those who don’t. It is also a confirmed fact; such visitors are likely to spent 22.5% more on their purchases.  And if you have very high-quality About Us page then rest assured your conversion ratios will simply double.  That’s the magic of ‘About Us Pages.’ So if your page quality is bad, mind you, you are scaring off valuable customers.

The must-haves of an About Us page

Since you are talking about your company, you can pour in your heart here. Bullets points and a little bit of corporate speak is fine. But can you spin a beautiful story around your brand, wherein you talk about your company’s inception; the people involved, about struggles and stumbling blocks, about the naysayers, about your dogged determination to go around despite all odds. Factor in all these aspects, and you will have a compelling brand story for your site. Any brand story rich in emotions will simply give your company a human face.

About Us Page
Importance About Us page

Other essentials include:

  • A logo and a catchy punch line running beneath it
  • Simple introduction passage; without any big words or jargons
  • Positive Testimonials to prove your credentials
  • Have a video of a CEO or your customer’s video.
  • Give an insight about your company’s future plans

Avoid About-Us Templates
Don’t believe in ‘About Us’ templates. If you believe in one, then be ready to face the repercussions. The site will be looked down upon as yet another cookie-cutter store and it will scale down your SEO rankings.

A platform for building trust  
In the eCommerce context the ‘About Us’ page helps build relationship and trust with the customers. Though, trust is intangible and can’t be measured, it has the power to propel sales and keep customers happy. If you are building a relationship of trust with your employees, you will successfully sail through, even if all odds are stacked against you. If you don’t trust your customers, you will never be able to sell goods to them.

Make it Search-engine Friendly
Publicize and prioritize your About Us Page. You will find that sites that give priority to their ‘About Us’ page, get higher conversion rates. And the sites that believe in hiding their About Us page face lower conversion rates.

Make it SEO friendly  
Since About Us Page consists of reasonable amount of good content, fitting in multiple keywords won’t be much of an issue. Also, ensure that your images have keywords.

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