Wordpress Blog Development

Wordpress is an open source blog publishing application that can also be used for content management. It has wide range of features and plugin architecture. It is one of the most popular blogging software out there.

Wordpress Blog Development

Wordpress Blog Development

Wordpress is an immensely popular and one of the finest open source Web blogging and content management system son the internet. These days, blogging has become an important, if not crucial, element of web presence. Wordpress MU makes it possible for everyone with a site to host their own blogging community, and manage and moderate all the blogs from a single dashboard. Wordpress MU adds eight new data tables for each blog.

Benefits of using our Wordpress blog development services

  • Organize content using tags
  • Add new functionality instantly
  • Edit blogs using a simple desktop and mobile interface
  • Schedule content to go live at predetermined times
  • Integrate existing and new URLs seamlessly
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Offer polls, surveys, newsletters, social media widgets, and RSS feeds
  • Many other custom functionalities

We offer Wordpress blog development services to transform your blogs with a new look that integrates with your website evenly. Kaushalam is widely experienced and has skilled Wordpress blogs and apps developers, not only in PHP and MySQL, but in all technologies that integrate with Wordpress and business sense regarding which tools to integrate where and why. We specialize in Wordpress customization and implementation. If you are looking for Wordpress customization and implementation, Kaushalam fits the bill.

Looking for Wordpress Application development, Contact Us and see how we can help.

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