Application Development

Tons of apps are downloaded by millions of people all over the world daily because these apps make life easy, simple and fun. Looking at this trend, thousands of companies come up with different kinds of apps daily. Do you wish to make money by joining this bandwagon? Kaushalam, equipped with expert app developers and designers, is the right resource to help you.

Application Development

Application Development

In the age where every person is perpetually hooked on technology – be it computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone – every single second of their day, use of different types of applications makes sense. As these applications− which can be related to your work or leisure − make your life easy, simple and fun, people are addicted to them. You, as an ecommerce merchant, too can develop an application to simplify your business operations. If you are looking for a partner to do it with, consider Kaushalam.

What kind of app development do you need?

You can have thousands of types of apps developed. Of course, you don't need every one of them and that's why you need to decide the kind of app that you do need. But before that, you will first have to think about the purpose of the app. Is it for a particular business function? Is it for marketing and promotional purposes? Once you decide the purpose of your app, then you will need to decide the kind of application development, i.e., do you need a portal application development? Or a mobile application development? Or a social media application development? Once you are clear about the purpose and the kind of application development you are looking for, the process become easy. Rest assured, we will guide you at every step described above.

How does an app development benefit you?

Thousands of companies have made their fortunes from app development. Are you wondering how you too can do so? Check out the following benefits:

Application Development

Want an app development service pronto? Contact us and we will help.

What can Kaushalam do for you?

Kaushalam has vast experience in application development – be it portal app development, mobile app development or a social media app development. Our team of expert developers and designers has successfully created apps that have simplified business and increased profits. Our applications have included inventory management, a custom ERP module, CRM system and much more. We can build applications of your choice that are error free, fully compliant with standards, well documented and user friendly.

Usually, an app development process is tedious and time consuming. However, with Kaushalam you can be sure that it's never going to be that. We have specific methodology in place, which always worked.

To elaborate, we follow the following process:

Application Development
  • Analyze: Whenever a client approaches us, our first priority is to analyze their need. We firmly believe that the “why” of any development is the most important aspect because without it, the app is useless and simply a waste of time, money and effort.
  • Research: Once we have analyzed the need, we conduct in-depth research on the technologies used by the competitors and the type of technologies that can embedded in your app.
  • Plan: Once we have figured out all the necessary information, we plan the whole process of actual development in consultation with you. The plan carries enough detail to include even a minuscule component of the app.
  • Implement: The next logical step is to start implementing the plan, i.e., to start coding and integrating the programs, languages and frameworks for the app development.
  • Deploy: Once the app is coded and integrated, we will deploy it on the respective platform. We take this step to check out how it actually looks and feels. Does it fulfill the actual purpose of its development?
  • Maintain: Our task does not end with the development and deployment of the app. We care about the apps developed by us. Under our maintenance plan, we maintain them regularly, and upgrade them with new technologies as and when available.

Another reason why Kaushalam makes a logical choice for your app development is our customer service. During the whole app development process, we will be constantly in touch with you through email, IM chat, phone or whatever works best for you. The status of your project will be available at your fingertips every time you want. You will be able to speak to our developers any time you want.

"App development is a game-changing marketing tool. Effective and efficient utilization of this resource can ensure sky-rocketing sales and spectacular profits. Kaushalam is fully equipped with the right resources to help you do exactly that."
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