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You get powerful Apache Solr database technology with dynamic functions. It includes amazing features for full-text search, database integration, geospatial search, near real-time indexing, and more. Partner with Kaushalam today.

Apache Solr

Apache Solr

Increase Your Conversion Rate
Apache Solr will empower search and navigation features of your

eCommerce store

to offer outstanding user experience.
Offers advanced full-text search capabilities
Optimizes your presence for high volume web traffic
Standards are based on open interfaces like XML
Offers comprehensive HTML administration interfaces
Increase Your Conversion Rate
Offers near real-time indexing
Highly flexible and adaptable with

XML configuration

Offers extensible plugin architecture
Comes with plugin architecture to support advanced customization
Your Search For Sophisticated Navigation Features End Here.
You will get a solution based on Apache Solr that’s reliable, scalable and fault tolerant.
Make Your Website Searchable
Based on Java, Apache Solr is a well-known platform for enterprise search because it can index and search documents and email attachments.
Make Your Website Searchable
It’s usable for most of the popular programming languages.
It’s highly scalable with its distributed search and index replication.
It’s highly customizable with its powerful external configuration.
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Get solutions that fit your requirements. A quality solution that will be scalable and flexible.