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Boost up your business by establishing a strong hold on online marketplaces like Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and many more. Get integrated dashboards to make the management quick and simple. Growth is just a click away!

Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

Better the sales, better the growth of business. It's that simple - but only theoretically. Practically it's another matter altogether given the fact that there are hundreds of businesses who are always looking for opportunities to push their sales up. If you want to improve the sales of your eCommerce business, you can try various marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Yahoo. These marketplaces will improve the visibility of your products among your target audience at fraction of the cost. Are you worried how you are going to manage these marketplaces along with your own

eCommerce store

? No worries. Kaushalam is there for you.
Kaushalam specializes in offering a range of

eCommerce solutions

and features that make all business processes straightforward and transparent. With the help of Kaushalam, you can leverage marketplaces such as:
Leverage Marketplaces
To make the management of the marketplaces hassle-free, we will integrate them into the centralized dashboard - meaning, from a single dashboard, you will be able to manage your eCommerce store as well as products listed on the marketplaces. With our solution, you will gain:
  • Customized and unique

    web design

    and layout
  • Advanced features and applications
  • User-friendly shopping cart and checkout
  • Tailor-made
    eCommerce platform
  • State-of-the-art
    inventory and order management system
  • Opportunities to leverage multi-sales channels
  • Centralized dashboard unifying all business processes
  • Powerful marketing system
  • Range of analytical capabilities
You Have The Power To Leverage Marketplaces.
We will help you use the right resources for the success you crave. You get the solutions that work for you.
Highlights of our online marketplace solution :
  • User-friendly and customized dashboard : Based on your business model and goals, we will customize the dashboard and centralize all business operations. Also, the dashboard will be easy enough to be handled by anyone without any formal training.
  • Real-time update : Whenever the order is placed on any of the marketplaces, the information will be updated real time without the need for running batches or updates.
  • Synchronized information : The data will be synchronized across the board; meaning, the information about inventory, orders and shipping will be available through the single dashboard.
  • Automatic product feeds : You won't need to manually update the product information on various marketplaces. We will automate the process for you.
  • Advanced analytics : Through our dashboard, you will be able to monitor performance of each marketplace as well as your own store. You will get insights into your customers' behavior and demographics, helping you make better business decisions.
The Power Of One Interface.
Get a single centralized dashboard to manage all your business operations.