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Get personalized and refined business-to-business solutions at Kaushalam. The solutions will come with seamlessly integrated tools, functionalities and marketing strategies. Partner with Kaushalam to scale new heights of success.

Business to Business

Business to Business

Business-to-business model is quite different from business-to-consumer model, and so what works for the latter usually doesn't work for the former. As principal customers of any

B2B business

are wholesalers, they usually don't have a user-friendly website. But as the world of

B2C business

is changing, so is B2B's - especially in the arena of eCommerce. Gone are the days when only offline contacts mattered. With the help of right eCommerce features and functionalities, you can attract business over the internet too. Kaushalam's wide range of

B2B solutions

will make the task easier for you.
Our offerings include:
Business to Business
  • Customized sophisticated functionalities Irrespective of the industry you operate in, we will offer a wide selection of customized functionalities to make business process, including distribution channel, pricing and shipping, hassle-free. The centralized dashboard will be customized specially to cater your business needs.
  • Seamlessly integrated tools No matter which third-party functionalities you need, we will integrate them all in the centralized dashboard. The dashboard will offer advanced tools for inventory, order management, payment gateway, fulfillment and customer service. If you want, you can also receive orders through multi-faceted
    eCommerce stores
  • Customer-oriented features Kaushalam understands the needs of B2B business and so it offers a range of customer-oriented features. For each of the customers, you can set different rules regarding pricing, payment terms and ordering capacity. You can even make login mandatory if you wish to track the browsing history of the retailers.
  • Inquiry listings If you don't want to put any product for sale but rather want to gauge its demand, you can list those products for inquiry. Retailers, when they review this product, can send you the inquiry if they like what they see. This will also help you in taking proper inventory decisions.
  • Better savings Kaushalam's highly-advanced solutions will help you save on IT infrastructure through in-built and integrated tools and functionalities such as ERP, CRM and Quickbooks. Additionally, the centralized processes will streamline all the backend and frontend processes to offer outstanding business performance.
  • Effective marketing For
    B2B eCommerce
    , merchants require out-of-the-box marketing tools and Kaushalam is fully armed to offer them. Our marketing tools will help you create and execute campaign management, SFA and call center management. We can also help you improve speed-to-market with quick development time for eCommerce websites, marketing campaigns and promotional offers. We will reduce IT involvement to improve the operational efficiencies.
  • Flexibility and scalability All our solutions are highly flexible and scalable. Designed by expert business analysts and developers, our solutions will keep pace with your ever-expanding business. And more than that, they will facilitate the growth to help you achieve your business goals in short period of time.
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