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Kaushalam Commerce will help you throw the competition out of the race. Customized from start to finish, the solution offers you a single powerful dashboard to help you manage inventory, sales, reports, customers and much more with just a click.

Kaushalam Commerce

Kaushalam Commerce

You get all the makings of a market leader with

Kaushalam Commerce solution

. It’s termed as the best online store builder by all our clients, past and present. It’s customized, integrated, and scalable.

Multiple Stores

Manage multiple stores with various platforms from a single location through our custom build eCommerce solution.
Unique Look
Each of your stores will have a unique design, look and layout according to your target audience.
Warehouse Management
Regardless of the number of warehouses you manage, streamline the flow of inventory. From start to end.

Inventory Management

You don’t have to worry about going out of stock or overselling with Kaushalam’s customized eCommerce platform.

Advanced Reporting

You will be never lost. Through our advanced reporting capabilities, you can gauge your performance. Anytime. Anywhere.
Kaushalam Commerce

Shipping Management

Kaushalam Commerce is more than an eCommerce platform. It’s a comprehensive solution that even helps you manage shipping.

Marketing Management

Send newsletters, product updates and much more through our customized eCommerce solution. Get tools that attract customers.
Office Automation
You can sell on as many platforms and sales channels as you like. That too without any manual intervention.
Single Dashboard
Manage multiple stores, warehouses, inventory, eCommerce platforms, marketing channels and more from a single point.
Fully Scalable
You will never be alone because our solution will grow along with you. You can integrate as many tools as you want at any point.
Get Advantage Over Your Competitors
Kaushalam Commerce is specifically built for medium-scale and large-scale businesses who are looking to optimize their operations for enhanced performance. Being a

custom eCommerce developer

, we understand business. From top to bottom. We have poured over 15+ years of experience and expertise to design this unmatched solution for you.
Get Complete Control
Get Complete Control
You call all the shots. Gain full control over your business.
Kaushalam Commerce is a

custom built eCommerce

solution. Meaning, it’s built according to your business, goals and visions. Each of the frontend and backend functionalities will be personalized.
Streamlined Processes
Streamlined Processes
You will get the most sophisticated tools to optimize processes.

eCommerce solution

will help you nail down the most effective SEO techniques, state-of-the-art inventory and order management systems, customized shopping cart, and more.
Impressive Performance
Impressive Performance
You will meet your very goal. Long term and short term.
Get the
best eCommerce website builder
to get the results you want. Kaushalam Commerce is a comprehensive solution that gives you maximum return on your investment. It will perform the way you want.
Unique Designs. Custom Integration. Personalized Marketing.
You get all the above benefits and much more with Kaushalam’s Commerce that’s built around you. To give you an unrivalled solution in the industry, we have utilized all our eCommerce expertise.
A Powerful Interface At Your Command
You have unlimited potential to grow. Horizontally as well as vertically. You just need to leverage Kaushalam Commerce, a
custom eCommerce solution
Business To Consumer
Business To Consumer
Manage unlimited number of eCommerce stores from a single point.
Differentiating your products, penetrating your target audience, and offering out-of-the-box user experience becomes easy when you partner with Kaushalam. We are the eCommerce expert who can help you understand your market demographic and help you build brand equity.
Business To Business
Business To Business
Get a range of sophisticated functionalities for optimum flexibility.
You never have to worry about market constraints with Kaushalam Commerce. It’s popularly known as the best eCommerce website builder for a reason. You get advanced tools for inventory, order management, fulfillment, payment gateway and customer service.
OmniChannel Retailing
OmniChannel Retailing
Merge your brick-and-mortar store and eCommerce store.
Offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers by merging the operations of your physical and online store. It’s not as difficult as it looks with our customized eCommerce solution. You get advanced POS system, tools for going international, advanced analytics and more.
ERP Integration
ERP Integration
Let your investment work for you. Get maximum returns.
Every penny saved is every penny earned. Save a small fortune by streamlining all your business processes, including backend and frontend. Keep track of your business activities from a single point and access the most accurate company-wide data anytime you want.
Proven Methodologies For Impressive Results.
You get 15+ years of experience and expertise at your command. We have worked for hundreds of companies from all the verticals of business. When we design your solution, we apply proven, MIT-approved methodologies that give impressive results.
Proven Methodologies For Impressive Results
Build A Strong Foundation
Build A Strong Foundation
You get unified and synchronized business operations through our
custom eCommerce development
Build Compelling Brand Equity
Build Compelling Brand Equity
Brand awareness of your products will reach its zenith. Get full benefits of SEO, SMO and paid marketing.
Build Path For Future Success
Build Path For Future Success
You are always ready to leverage future trends with the help of
responsive web designs
and mobile-friendly SEO.
A 360-Degree Customized Solution.
Kaushalam Commerce is your end-to-end solution for your entire business. It’s built to facilitate your growth.