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Kaushalam Inventory FAQ

Kaushalam Inventory FAQ

How can inventory and order management system help eCommerce business?

inventory and order management system

is engineered by expert developers. The system is flawlessly designed to help

eCommerce businesses

easily deal with the hurdles and obstacles that may arise time and again in the inventory and order processes. Since all the data is synchronized across the board, chances of errors are negligible.
Is this solution fit for my niche business?
Why not? It’s a customized solution. Our job is to tailor it in such a way that it suits your business requirements. More importantly, it optimizes the operations. Will it work for multiple stores?
Undoubtedly. Our robust solution best suits multiple stores, eCommerce platforms and sales channels.
Is there any monthly fees for this solution?
No. There's only one time payment and that too for the development.
I am not that tech-savvy. Can I still use this solution?
Of course. Even ebusiness owners with zero technical knowledge are using it. So you can use this solution without going through any special training.
How many products can the solution support?
End number. Kaushalam inventory and

order management system

offers eCommerce merchants maximum flexibility. So, you can manage incalculable product data, on incalculable stores, platforms and sales channels.
Is it possible to integrate third-party systems along with the solution?
Of course. Our systems are fully scalable. So it would be easy for you to integrate any third-party systems. Plus, our systems are flexible enough to facilitate integrations in the future too.
How about after-sales service?
It's unstoppable - 24x7, 365 days in a year.
Kaushalam Inventory FAQ
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