Order Management System

Kaushalam's inventory and order management system is designed to help businesses, warehouses, and ecommerce websites of all sizes process and track orders.

Order Management System

Order Management System

Our order management system is completely automated. It collects your store's order data including order details, customer information, and payment information. You can deploy this system on any ecommerce platform:

  • Amazon Webstore
  • Yahoo Store
  • eBay Prostore
  • Custom store

Our system can update order status (“shipped,”“declined,”“cancelled,” etc.) with single button click. It can also send customers an email regarding their order status and tracking instructions.

Major Features

  • RMA Manager (for customized eCommerce)
  • Import orders from external files (XML/CSV)
  • View customized reports from the reporting section
  • Get total order management from your online stores (Yahoo, Amazon, eBay etc.)
  • Easy to Integrate with your new or existing ecommerce store
  • Automatic imports of orders and customer information from your live stores to this system
  • Take phone orders
  • Customizable searching for orders
  • Shipping management
  • Automatically send customized invoices to customers upon order placement
  • Facility to ship more than one order in a single shipment
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