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With Sumo Commerce, you will get more than what you expect. Your each business requirement will be met. Each business process will be streamlined. You just need to demand. Our product specialists will deliver it. Without hassles.

Sumo Commerce FAQ

Sumo Commerce FAQ

What is Sumo Commerce?

Sumo Commerce

is a highly advanced eCommerce solution. It has been developed and designed by our niche team specializing in

eCommerce solutions

. The USP of this solution is that it simplifies complex business operations through its single centralized dashboard. The unique dashboard is engineered to seamlessly process both the frontend and backend features.
Will this solution work for wholesalers?
Why not? Being customizable, it's engineered to support different businesses, regardless of its types. Be it B2B, B2C, manufacturers, service portals, consultants, drop shippers or Omni channel retailers, everyone can benefit from this one-stop solution.
How many products can I sell through this solution?
Any number. It's a scalable solution so you can list and manage as many products as you want. You can even upload images through the solution.
Is sumo commerce capable of managing multiple stores?
Of course. The high-end solution is in-built with adaptable features and functionalities to support multiple stores,

eCommerce platforms

, marketplaces and sales channels
What sort of processes Sumo Commerce supports?
All backend and frontend processes can be managed with this Kaushalam solution, right from inventory, order processing, shipping, payments, customer management and more.
Is it possible to use third-party systems along with this solution?
Of course. If need be, we will integrate any third-party system you need into the centralized system.
Is it engineered for any specific industry?
No. Sumo Commerce suits all kinds of industry.
Why should I choose Kaushalam?
Kaushalam is a U.S.,-based top-notch player in the eCommerce space. Our years of experience and expertise in the eCommerce domain has helped hundreds of companies achieve their business goals. We'll be glad to help you too.
Sumo Commerce
Sumo Commerce: A One-Stop Solution
You never have to worry about your business with our comprehensive solution. Get highly personalized solution that works per your needs.